Year in Review: 2018

While I did a few less photoshoots this year than last because of taking a break with having my daughter, I can’t say enough about the quality of my clients. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing a lot of beautiful moments this year. I did several military homecomings and pre-deployment shoots as well which was so special to document. I’m feeling a lot more confident in my shooting and also feel like I’ve finally settled into a pretty consistent editing style that I am happy with. Thank you to everyone who let me take their photo this year! Can’t wait to do it again in 2019!ZB7A5156-2ZB7A0032-2ZB7A3898ZB7A3315ZB7A8914ZB7A8639-2ZB7A7716ZB7A4806ZB7A4918ZB7A6100IMG_8344ZB7A0294ZB7A0318-2ZB7A0415ZB7A0441-2ZB7A0550ZB7A0600IMG_8303ZB7A3153ZB7A2435ZB7A2654ZB7A1962ZB7A1399ZB7A1290ZB7A1854ZB7A5767ZB7A5414-2ZB7A4141ZB7A7451-2ZB7A8862ZB7A9963ZB7A6594ZB7A6778ZB7A6872ZB7A6987ZB7A6503ZB7A6274ZB7A3099ZB7A0931ZB7A0987ZB7A0921-2ZB7A0089ZB7A9064-2ZB7A5662ZB7A4911ZB7A4669ZB7A9017ZB7A314037649350_651598715198967_690349472378519552_o39094256_10212428116603933_7679743799781752832_oZB7A8897

Nick & Kayla// Larkspur, Colorado Wedding Photographer

Nick and Kayla had the most beautiful wedding day. I was completely in awe of how they gave thought to every last detail and made everything look so perfect. Despite a thunderstorm in the middle of the day, everything turned out perfectly and we were able to do most of their portraits outside. See the story of their day below…

Venue: Flying Horse Ranch

Florals: Eco Chic Bouquets

Catering: Buffalo Gals Grilling Co., Holdfast Coffee

Second Shooter: Hannah Terry, Hey Jewel Imaging




Peter & Abby:// Sunrise Session Garden of the Gods {Colorado Springs Engagement and Anniversary Photographer}

What a pretty session!…I went to nursing school in Ohio with Abby and she contacted me when  she and her husband were taking a delayed honeymoon out to Colorado for some photos of them. Because of our schedules we decided on a sunrise session at Garden of the Gods which turned out to be beautiful! See some of my favorite photos from their session below…ZB7A9814ZB7A9832ZB7A9833ZB7A9842-2ZB7A9842ZB7A9847ZB7A9853ZB7A9886ZB7A9962ZB7A9970ZB7A9978ZB7A9981ZB7A0004ZB7A0007ZB7A0011ZB7A0018ZB7A0022ZB7A0031ZB7A0058ZB7A0079ZB7A0096ZB7A0118ZB7A0119ZB7A0152-2ZB7A0152ZB7A0201-2ZB7A0201ZB7A0333ZB7A0334ZB7A0348ZB7A0357