Year in Review 2019

2019 was my busiest year yet for photography! I only did 2 weddings and 1 elopement, but I did 63 family/lifestyle sessions! I have loved meeting each and every one of my clients this year. I have been given the most wonderful circle of referrals thanks to you all being excellent at word of mouth advertising! I struggled balancing school work and photography this year and came close to calling it quits in August when I was feeling especially overwhelmed. Thanks to everyone who beared with me during that time. I’m really thankful I decided to stick with it as I had an exceptionally busy and fun end of the year, while my school work was a bit lighter! This year I solidified my editing style, cut down my turn around time and found a niche photographing young families. I am not sure how much longer I will continue doing photography as a part- time business, but it has been a blast, I have learned so much and have had so much fun a long the way. Here are some highlight photos from 2019…Enjoy!ZB7A9398ZB7A6360ZB7A6237ZB7A0984ZB7A0735ZB7A8069ZB7A5688ZB7A5767ZB7A6263ZB7A7654ZB7A7693-2ZB7A9148-2ZB7A0361-2ZB7A0425ZB7A0602ZB7A0649ZB7A0654ZB7A0816ZB7A1591ZB7A1654ZB7A2008-3ZB7A2148ZB7A2164ZB7A3373ZB7A3570ZB7A4009ZB7A4178ZB7A4200ZB7A5525familyfamily2IMG_8438RachelWrightMaternity1ZB7A0017ZB7A0038ZB7A0069ZB7A0991-2ZB7A1073ZB7A1173ZB7A1297ZB7A1408ZB7A1456ZB7A1519ZB7A1554ZB7A1571ZB7A1584ZB7A1692ZB7A1776ZB7A1812ZB7A1942ZB7A2132ZB7A2369ZB7A2485ZB7A2558ZB7A2663ZB7A2784ZB7A2883ZB7A3261-2ZB7A3440ZB7A3500ZB7A3697ZB7A3764ZB7A3786ZB7A3966ZB7A4103ZB7A4113ZB7A4463ZB7A4810-2ZB7A4829ZB7A5042ZB7A5098ZB7A5162-2ZB7A5340-2ZB7A5500ZB7A5514ZB7A5732ZB7A5753ZB7A5756ZB7A5783ZB7A5838ZB7A5982ZB7A6075-2ZB7A6215ZB7A6359ZB7A6361-2ZB7A6489ZB7A6503ZB7A6844ZB7A6909ZB7A6980ZB7A6988ZB7A7111ZB7A7169ZB7A7203-2ZB7A7240-2ZB7A7289ZB7A7349ZB7A7664ZB7A7743ZB7A7891ZB7A7892ZB7A7997ZB7A8666ZB7A8735ZB7A8817-2ZB7A8906ZB7A8947ZB7A9239ZB7A9251ZB7A9283ZB7A9677ZB7A9969

Year in Review: 2018

While I did a few less photoshoots this year than last because of taking a break with having my daughter, I can’t say enough about the quality of my clients. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing a lot of beautiful moments this year. I did several military homecomings and pre-deployment shoots as well which was so special to document. I’m feeling a lot more confident in my shooting and also feel like I’ve finally settled into a pretty consistent editing style that I am happy with. Thank you to everyone who let me take their photo this year! Can’t wait to do it again in 2019!ZB7A5156-2ZB7A0032-2ZB7A3898ZB7A3315ZB7A8914ZB7A8639-2ZB7A7716ZB7A4806ZB7A4918ZB7A6100IMG_8344ZB7A0294ZB7A0318-2ZB7A0415ZB7A0441-2ZB7A0550ZB7A0600IMG_8303ZB7A3153ZB7A2435ZB7A2654ZB7A1962ZB7A1399ZB7A1290ZB7A1854ZB7A5767ZB7A5414-2ZB7A4141ZB7A7451-2ZB7A8862ZB7A9963ZB7A6594ZB7A6778ZB7A6872ZB7A6987ZB7A6503ZB7A6274ZB7A3099ZB7A0931ZB7A0987ZB7A0921-2ZB7A0089ZB7A9064-2ZB7A5662ZB7A4911ZB7A4669ZB7A9017ZB7A314037649350_651598715198967_690349472378519552_o39094256_10212428116603933_7679743799781752832_oZB7A8897

Peter & Abby:// Sunrise Session Garden of the Gods {Colorado Springs Engagement and Anniversary Photographer}

What a pretty session!…I went to nursing school in Ohio with Abby and she contacted me when  she and her husband were taking a delayed honeymoon out to Colorado for some photos of them. Because of our schedules we decided on a sunrise session at Garden of the Gods which turned out to be beautiful! See some of my favorite photos from their session below…ZB7A9814ZB7A9832ZB7A9833ZB7A9842-2ZB7A9842ZB7A9847ZB7A9853ZB7A9886ZB7A9962ZB7A9970ZB7A9978ZB7A9981ZB7A0004ZB7A0007ZB7A0011ZB7A0018ZB7A0022ZB7A0031ZB7A0058ZB7A0079ZB7A0096ZB7A0118ZB7A0119ZB7A0152-2ZB7A0152ZB7A0201-2ZB7A0201ZB7A0333ZB7A0334ZB7A0348ZB7A0357

Year in Review: 2017

2017 was a great second year for my business! I think I settled into my “style” a bit more and got a lot of shooting experience. This was my first year trying my hand at weddings, and I loved them! Thanks especially to all of my lovely wedding clients who trusted me to capture your big day this year! Also a huge thanks to my husband who was greatly supportive all of my photography endeavors and was my second shooter for all of my weddings this year. I think we are becoming quite a good team (; See some of my favorite shots from 2017 below…IMG_5753IMG_5903ZB7A0109ZB7A0121ZB7A0176ZB7A0260ZB7A0448ZB7A0525ZB7A0762ZB7A0772ZB7A1355ZB7A1957-2ZB7A2376ZB7A2633ZB7A2709ZB7A2734ZB7A2879ZB7A3542ZB7A3892ZB7A4276ZB7A4289ZB7A4395ZB7A4417ZB7A4586ZB7A4659ZB7A4681ZB7A4697ZB7A4758ZB7A5123ZB7A5128ZB7A5910ZB7A5934ZB7A6036ZB7A6532ZB7A6664ZB7A7229ZB7A7325ZB7A7813ZB7A7821ZB7A7838ZB7A8705ZB7A8785ZB7A8985ZB7A9064ZB7A9314-2ZB7A9386ZB7A9395ZB7A9525ZB7A9744ZB7A9813zb7a9792-5

And a couple of “action” shots haha…

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are extra thankful this year for all of God’s provisions. We moved into a new house, got to travel a lot this year and have had the blessing of growing our family by one. Thankful for good health for all three of us and God’s goodness in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (Here are a few Thanksgiving-y pictures we took at Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs…)

“Let us come before him with thanksgiving…for the Lord is a great God, the great King above all gods.” Psalm 95:2-3


Michael and Kayla: Punaluu, Hawaii Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Michael and Kayla had a wedding reception for their friends and family here in Colorado Springs, and then were kind enough to let me crash there honeymoon on the Big Island of Hawaii for pictures! It was such an honor to take their photos and be in such an amazing place. See some pictures below of their reception at Ivy Wild School, and some beautiful white and black sand beaches in Hawaii…ZB7A1143ZB7A1159ZB7A1296ZB7A1245ZB7A1348ZB7A1423ZB7A1406ZB7A1428ZB7A1466ZB7A1572ZB7A1593ZB7A1605ZB7A1614ZB7A1619ZB7A4276ZB7A4294ZB7A4309ZB7A4311ZB7A4367ZB7A4386ZB7A4388ZB7A4392ZB7A4397ZB7A4411ZB7A4417ZB7A4451ZB7A4481ZB7A4484ZB7A4486ZB7A4488ZB7A4492ZB7A4502ZB7A4518ZB7A4537