England and Wales 2017

Nathan and I got to visit England and Wales this month and we loved it! England has a lot of great variety and history, and it was cool to visit the country where our great-great grandparents lived (:

Sunday June 4th:

We landed at Heathrow airport early in the morning and ubered from there into central London. We found out shortly after we landed that there had been a terrorist attack on London Bridge the night before, which was a little unnerving. The whole city had a bit of a quiet, eerie feel when we got there. We were able to see Trafalgar Square, the London Eye, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey before heading to Kensal, a suburb of London where our Air BnB was. Kensal is a really nice area to stay if you ever visit London, every house has the most beautiful and unique flower garden, and it has a really lovely downtown area with nice parks and restaurants.


Monday June 5th:

Today was my birthday so I picked girly places to go (:… We made breakfast at our Air BnB and then walked to Notting Hill. We walked down Portobello Road which is kind of the main drag of Notting Hill. All the houses and buildings there were pastel colored. It was pretty neat to see. We walked through Kensington and found a beautiful old church, before taking the train to Kew Royal Botanic gardens. It was the biggest most beautiful garden I’ve ever seen. Not only did they have tons of flower gardens but also so many different beautiful trees –and huge greenhouses!



Tuesday June 6th:

Today was a rainy day…we went to Paddington train station and headed towards Bourton-on-the-Water. The train stopped in a town called Moreton-in-Marsh where we stopped for a bit. We then got on a bus to Bourton-on-the-Water, checked in to our Air BnB and walked into town along the River Windrush. Bourton-on-the-Water is such a quaint town. The water flows right through the town between all of the shops and buildings.



Wednesday June 7th:

Today we had planned to go to Bibury in Cirencester, but missed the only bus that left from Bourton-on-the-Water that morning. 🙁 So instead we went to a village called Slaughter in Gloucestershire, which was a very similar Cotswold type village. On the way we passed the most pretty white horses and were able to get really close to them. Lower Slaughter had a river running through it and flowers grew all along the river bank. It was so pretty. We got sandwiches at a Mill house and Gooseberry Elderflower Ice Cream. Apparently those two flavors are an English thing, and I love them.



Thursday June 8th:

Today we traveled to Wales. While we were waiting to check into our Air BnB we had tea at a place called Tiffin tea house, in tradional English style. Then we visited the Chepstow Castle which was really magnificent.



Friday June 9th:

In the morning we went to the Old Wye Bridge and walked across it into England. Then we took a bus to the city of Bath. England. The first thing we did in Bath was go to the Thermae Bath Spa in town, which was really neat, essentially its like a series of different mineral pools and spas that you can swim in.



Saturday June 10th:

We spent all day in Bath. We had traditional English breakfast and then saw the Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths, The Pulteney Bridge, the Circus, and the Royal Crescent. Bath was definitely my favorite place we went. The city was really clean and lively, and had the most beautiful Roman architecture. Also, people would perform or sing in the streets–we saw a guy that was dressed up as a statue on a bike which was my favorite.



Sunday June 11:

Today we traveled back from Bath to London, where we visited the British Museum and Tower Bridge. Tower Bridge goes right over the River Thames and is spectacular. It feels like something from Cinderella to me, since it has the bright blue painted metal.



Monday June 12th:

Today was our last day in England and also our anniversary. We visited Dover White Cliffs on the English Channel. We walked along the seaport, which people can access to travel across the channel to France. The water and cliffs were beautiful and it was a really peaceful way to end our trip.




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