Ice Castles

This year we went to the Ice Castles up in Dillon, Colorado. It was definitely worth the drive and the cold temperatures! They make these castles every year at a few locations throughout the U.S. Definitely somewhere I’d like to go back to again! Some recommendations if you decide to go: wear warm, water proof shoes (you walk through what is essentially shaved ice, so your feet can get a little wet) and make sure to buy tickets ahead online ( because they often sell out on the weekends. See some photos below…ZB7A4028ZB7A4030ZB7A4038ZB7A4042ZB7A4044ZB7A4047ZB7A4055ZB7A4060ZB7A4063ZB7A4088ZB7A4095ZB7A4098ZB7A4104ZB7A4111ZB7A4112ZB7A4142ZB7A4144ZB7A4148ZB7A4150ZB7A4152ZB7A4159ZB7A4161ZB7A4163ZB7A4164ZB7A4177ZB7A4180ZB7A4181ZB7A4189ZB7A4204ZB7A4207ZB7A4214ZB7A4222ZB7A4231ZB7A4237ZB7A4241ZB7A4246ZB7A4252ZB7A4253ZB7A4256ZB7A4258ZB7A4262ZB7A4265

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