Over Thanksgiving, we visited my sister and her family in Jordan. Nathan and I had gone there the first year we were married, but it was really special to bring Noelle this time. Her cousins loved seeing her and and it was great to all be together over the holidays, which doesn’t happen frequently.

The first day trip we took was to the ruins at Heshbon, a biblical site where the Israelites battled the Amorites. This time in Jordan, we really focused on seeing more sites from the Bible, which we found to be so interesting.

The next two nights we stayed at Tala Bay on the Red Sea, which was about a 4 hour drive from Amman. The water was beautiful there and with it being November, the temperature was perfect. As you look across the water, you see Israel on the other side. We also saw some beautiful tropical fish.

We came back to Amman for Thanksgiving and had a big meal with some of my sisters friends. Brian made both turkey and duck!

On Friday, we went to visit the Jordan River and saw the site where Jesus was baptized. We also walked around the location that is now thought to be Sodom and Gomorrah in the Jordan Valley.

Our last day we travelled to the city of Um Qais which is where the Sea of Galilee is. There are also a lot of Roman ruins there. We ate at a really pretty restaurant there overlooking the valley and saw lots of beautiful old olive trees.

We had an incredible time overseas and Noelle did amazingly well, all things considered. It was definitely harder to travel so far with a little one but it was well worth it.


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