Parent’s Visit Fall 2017

My parents came to visit us out in Colorado at the prettiest time of year. We took them up to Aspen/ Maroon Bells area over the weekend and it the colors were so stunning…See some of our sight seeing pictures below:

Garden of the Gods: We did a trolley tour of Garden of the Gods, since it was a rainy/foggy type of day…ZB7A0266ZB7A0272ZB7A0275ZB7A0279ZB7A0280ZB7A0282ZB7A0302ZB7A0313ZB7A0317ZB7A0319ZB7A0331ZB7A0336


Pikes Peak: We took the Cog Rail up to the top of Pikes Peak! Nathan and I had only ever driven up but the views on the other side of the mountain were amazing…ZB7A0337ZB7A0351ZB7A0355ZB7A0364ZB7A0377ZB7A0383

Wilkerson Pass: One of the most vast views of the Rocky mountains I have seen, its difficult to capture in a picture.ZB7A0489ZB7A0495ZB7A0500ZB7A0502

Twin Lakes: I had never been here before but it is definitely a hidden gem. There were almost no other people there!ZB7A0524ZB7A0533ZB7A0534ZB7A0552ZB7A0554ZB7A0558ZB7A0560ZB7A0562


Aspen/ Maroon Bells: This was definitely the highlight of our trip. It was difficult to see the bells at first but the fog cleared up in a few minutes in time for us to see them. ZB7A0566ZB7A0605ZB7A0611ZB7A0618ZB7A0625ZB7A0631ZB7A0639ZB7A0643ZB7A0661

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