Rocky Mountain National Park

Nathan’s parents came out to visit for 4th of July week and we took them up to Rocky Mountain National Park. We did the out and back hike to Nymph Lake, Dream Lake and Emerald lake and then also drove up the Trail Ridge Road area of the park which was lovely. Noelle did really well with the hiking…she’s definitely an outdoor girl!…ZB7A9524ZB7A9529ZB7A9545ZB7A9556ZB7A9584ZB7A9586ZB7A9604ZB7A9612ZB7A9619ZB7A9620ZB7A9624ZB7A9626ZB7A9629ZB7A9640ZB7A9654ZB7A9662ZB7A9665ZB7A9671ZB7A9677ZB7A9680ZB7A9686ZB7A9692ZB7A9695ZB7A9706ZB7A9707ZB7A9718-2ZB7A9718ZB7A9725ZB7A9727ZB7A9731ZB7A9735ZB7A9739ZB7A9740

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