Year in Review: 2017

2017 was a great second year for my business! I think I settled into my “style” a bit more and got a lot of shooting experience. This was my first year trying my hand at weddings, and I loved them! Thanks especially to all of my lovely wedding clients who trusted me to capture your big day this year! Also a huge thanks to my husband who was greatly supportive all of my photography endeavors and was my second shooter for all of my weddings this year. I think we are becoming quite a good team (; See some of my favorite shots from 2017 below…IMG_5753IMG_5903ZB7A0109ZB7A0121ZB7A0176ZB7A0260ZB7A0448ZB7A0525ZB7A0762ZB7A0772ZB7A1355ZB7A1957-2ZB7A2376ZB7A2633ZB7A2709ZB7A2734ZB7A2879ZB7A3542ZB7A3892ZB7A4276ZB7A4289ZB7A4395ZB7A4417ZB7A4586ZB7A4659ZB7A4681ZB7A4697ZB7A4758ZB7A5123ZB7A5128ZB7A5910ZB7A5934ZB7A6036ZB7A6532ZB7A6664ZB7A7229ZB7A7325ZB7A7813ZB7A7821ZB7A7838ZB7A8705ZB7A8785ZB7A8985ZB7A9064ZB7A9314-2ZB7A9386ZB7A9395ZB7A9525ZB7A9744ZB7A9813zb7a9792-5

And a couple of “action” shots haha…

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